The Holy Smoke Restaurant, OMR, Chennai

The Holy Smoke Restaurant, OMR, Chennai
The Holy Smoke BBQ Live Grill Restaurant Site

The holy Smoke brings to Chennai, OMR a live grill restaurant which is unique in its recipes & atmosphere. We have spent ample time in recruiting chef across India thus bringing the specialties under one roof. Our expert chefs use the original age old secret spices & herbs, thus bringing a unique flavor which no one can resist. It is yet another endeavour to delight the Gourmands looking for an unlimited range of starters , main course, drinks & desserts. When dining in the Holy smoke you will realize that while you are pampering your taste buds you are soothing your eyes as we have diligently selected the décor just for you. our exotic food in our well designed interior gives you what you are worth for.The owners of the Holy Smoke apart from being a successful restaurateur are a real bon vivant, who have taken deep interest in selecting the menus especially for you.

The Holy Smoke BBQ Live Grill Restaurant Site

The Holy Smoke Restaurant, OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road), Okkiampet, Thoraipakkam, Chennai

The Holy Smoke Restaurant,

Plot No. 5/319, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Okkiampet, Thoraipakkam, Chennai 600 097
Mobile: 9566149505, Ph: 044-64506902



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