Toll Plazas at OMR, Chennai, India

A typical office day, i take a ride on my office bus towards Siruseri from Velacheri. The bus enters the main plaza at Perungudi, my bus driver does not seem to pay any toll though other car drivers, lorry drivers pay toll to the toll guards. Is it free for IT professionals?


Paying toll at OMR

Taking a ride on OMR is not free for three wheelers and four wheelers. OMR s income comes from these tolls collected too.The toll plazas start at Seevaram near Perungudi and end at Egattur with three other satellite plazas. Altogether there are five toll plazas on OMR,

1.An entry/main toll plaza at Seevaram near Perungudi
2.A Satellite toll plaza towards Pallavaram
3.A Satellite toll plaza towards Medavakkam
4.A Satellite toll plaza towards ECR
5.An exit toll plaza at Egattur

For more information about OMR toll plaza rates. Please visit: |

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